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Caring For Your Car

  • Tire Pressure - Incorrect tire pressure is consistently the most common problem we find in vehicles we service. The correct tire pressure for your car is recommended in the owner's manual, NOT on the tire!

  • Oil Viscosity - (or weight) - in Texas, most VW/Audi's require a 5/40 or 10/40 weight oil.

  • Oil Type - Since 1998 most gasoline in VW/Audi's require a full synthetic oil (specification 502) diesel engines require a 505 specification, and newer diesel engines need a 504/507 weight. Always refer to your owner's manual.

  • Fuel - All fuels are not the same! Refer to the gas door or the owner's manual for the correct type of fuel. If your car calls for 870CT (Regular) fuel, there is in most cases no advantage in using (Premium) 930CT. If your car, however, calls for 930CT using a lessor octane fuel will negatively affect fuel mileage, power, and can cause carbon build up in the engine.

  • Purchasing Used Cars - Do not buy ANY used VW/Audi without a complete inspection before purchase. Many mechanical problems can be found only by a trained VW/Audi mechanic.

  • Purchasing Tires - Always ask the total price of the tire, installed. The add-on costs of mounting and balancing vary widely. Also buying a "cheap" tire can be a false economy and possibly an unsafe choice.

  • Post Body Repair Inspection - After any collision repair is completed, have a trained VW/Audi technician inspect the mechanical aspects of the car, (i.e. mounts, suspension, etc.), which a body shop may have missed.

  • Engine Warning Lights - The two most important lights on your dash are engine oil and engine coolant temperature. An engine oil light describes low oil pressure (not always low oil level), and can indicate an immediate problem requiring instant engine shut down. An engine overheat light accompanied with the temperature needle going to hot will very quickly damage the engine. Sometimes in as little as 2 or 3 minutes.

  • Finding A Technician - Convenience is no assurance of quality. Many people use proximity as the single biggest factor in choosing a garage. We believe it is very difficult for one technician to be knowledgeable and experienced in the repair of all automobiles. Look for a garage that is best for your car.

  • Purchasing New Parts - We recommend using only factory (original equipment) or after-market parts. Quality German after-market parts can be found at competitive prices. We believe they will serve you better than generic or rebuilt parts.

  • Characterizing Car Problems - Don't rush to diagnosis; the technicians at Lord of the Rings don't. Describe the symptom of the problem, and when it happens. Make a list of  anything you have noticed. Together we can determine the best solution for you.




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